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Giant eggs take over Turlock
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It’s April 4, 2010, and Turlock residents are waking up to discover 4 foot tall eggs all over town. Are these the giant spawn of alien invaders? Are they a late April Fool’s joke? Perhaps the latest advertising scheme of the American Egg Board? No, they are Turlock’s first temporary public art project.
If all goes according to plan, this futuristic scenario will be carried out by the Turlock City Arts Commission. The temporary public art project will include 24 giant eggs that will be decorated and placed throughout the city of Turlock. The board voted on Aug. 6 to call the project “Turlock Sunny Side up.”  
Dustin Soiseth, chair of the Turlock City Arts Commission, said that the commission has been considering a temporary public arts project for almost a year now. They were looking for a project that Turlockers could relate to and would want to get involved with.
“The whole idea is to get art out into our daily lives,” Soiseth said.
Axel Gomez is a member of the Turlock City Arts Commission and is chairing the committee responsible for “Turlock Sunny Side Up.” He said that he looked into public arts projects in other cities, and found one common theme.  All of the successful projects related directly to the city they were in.
The Commission decided to make the art project related to agriculture in the Turlock area. Gomez said that he found that Turlock has a vibrant community of egg producers. The final idea for the public art project was 24 chicken eggs, each 4 feet tall and decorated by a different artist. Each egg will be sponsored by a Turlock business, organization or church that wants to participate in the project. Gomez said that schools and non-profits would also be welcome to sponsor an egg. Sponsoring groups choose the design for the egg, or decorate it themselves.
Eggs will be placed at pre-approved locations around the city. Groups that sponsor an egg will have some say as to where it goes, but there are certain restrictions. Gomez said that an egg can’t block a walkway, for example. The eggs will be in place from April until late July, possibly until the end of the 2010 Stanislaus County Fair.
The temporary art project will be installed April 4, 2010. The Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association will be holding a street festival as part of the “Turlock Sunny Side Up” project. Gomez said that the festival is still a work in progress, but there will be music, art, food, and hopefully some contests for kids.
The Turlock Arts Commission hopes to have a temporary public arts project every year. Eggs are the theme of this year’s project, but Gomez said that if the public wants something else next year, the theme will change. If Turlockers want to keep “Turlock Sunny Side Up” as a yearly tradition, Gomez said he would talk to the American Egg Board about the possibility of having a yearly egg festival in Turlock.
To get more information about “Turlock Sunny Side Up” or egg sponsorship, call the Turlock City Arts Commission at 688-5594.
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