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Alanis garners bipartisan support on public safety bills
Juan Alanis
State Assemblyman Juan Alanis, R-Modesto.

Assemblymember Juan Alanis is making headway on two of the public safety proposals he introduced this year.

“I am proud to have earned both bipartisan and bicameral support for major parts of my Public Safety priorities this year,” said Alanis. “Both AB 335 and AB 243 have co-authors from the majority party and have co-authors in both chambers of our state legislature.”

AB 335 would repeal Proposition 47 in its entirety, with the exception of some cannabis-related language. It has been co-authored by Democrat California State Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil.

Prop 47, the Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative that voters approved, reduces the classification of some “nonserious and nonviolent crimes” from felonies to misdemeanors.

AB 243 would provide additional privacy protections for child abduction victims in California. It has been co-authored by Democrat Assemblymembers: Arambula, Petrie-Norris, Rubio, Soria and Villapudua.

“We must have serious conversations about real problems California is facing,” added Assemblymember Alanis. “AB 335 may not get out of committee, but I am proud that it has brought attention to a necessary conversation about retail theft and rising crime in California. I have heard the concerns of my colleagues opposite and I am prepared to work with any of my colleagues on real bipartisan solutions to this issue. If there is mutual ground to be found on these issues, and I believe there is,  I will take it.”

Assemblymember Alanis has also joined a bipartisan effort for a Joint Legislative Audit Committee to study the effect of Prop. 47. The effort to establish a Joint Legislative Audit Committee began after his introduction of AB 335. In addition, Assemblymember Alanis is co-authoring a robust bipartisan package of Public Safety legislation, including: SB 44 Fentanyl (Umberg-D), AB 18 Fentanyl (Joe Patterson-R), AB 19 Narcan for Schools (Joe Patterson-R), AB 328 Sentencing-Firearms (Essayli-R), AB 330 Domestic Violence (Dixon-R), AB 641 Catalytic Converters (Vince Fong-R), AB 1058 Fentanyl (Jim Patterson-R), SB 14 Human Trafficking (Grove-R), SB 226 Fentanyl (Alvarado-Gil-D), and SB 268 Violent Crime (Alvarado-Gil-D).