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Alanis introduces bill package to address affordability, housing
Juan Alanis

Assemblymember Juan Alanis from District 22 released a comprehensive legislative package on Tuesday aimed at tackling affordability challenges faced by Californians.

"These bills underscore our commitment to making California a more affordable and equitable place to live," said Assemblymember Alanis. "By addressing key issues such as environmental transparency, youth homelessness, and senior rent assistance, we are taking significant strides toward building a brighter future for all Californians."

The first bill, AB 2087, seeks to enhance transparency in proceedings governed by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Under AB 2087, all parties involved in CEQA proceedings must disclose their identity and interests, ensuring greater accountability and fairness. Additionally, the bill proposes measures to streamline CEQA reviews, making subsequent filings for environmental review more efficient and effective.

Recognizing the urgent need to address youth homelessness, Assemblymember Alanis introduced AB 1817. This legislation will aim to invest in prevention and intervention efforts, AB 1817 aims to break the cycle of homelessness and empower young Californians to build stable and prosperous futures. The details and specifics of this proposal are still being worked out at this time.

Alanis is championing senior citizens' access to affordable housing with the introduction of AB 1813. This bill establishes the Senior Tenant Shallow Rental Subsidy Program within the Department of Housing and Community Development. Through this program, cities and counties will receive a $100 million grant to provide rent subsidies for vulnerable senior citizens, ensuring they can age in place with dignity and security.