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City Council candidate drops out of race
Sisco announces support for Larson
Logan sisco drops out
Turlock City Council District 1 candidate Logan Sisco announces he is “suspending” his campaign in a video message filmed alongside fellow District 1 candidate Nicole Larson. In the video, Sisco says he is supporting Larson for the seat.

The crowded race to represent the residents of Turlock’s District 1 on the City Council is a little thinner as Logan Sisco announced earlier this month on social media that he is “suspending” his campaign. In the same video announcement, Sisco endorses candidate Nicole Larson for the District 1 seat.

“In a race that is now saturated with qualified candidates, I’ve decided to do something different. I’m choosing to take a step back and I’m suspending my campaign. Today I’m endorsing the candidate who cares just as deeply about the community as I do and who can work with anyone to get the job of government done. That candidate is Nicole Larson,” said Sisco in his video.

Sisco announces his decision to leave the City Council race in a video alongside Larson.

“it’s an absolute honor to receive an endorsement of another candidate in this extremely competitive race. It’s so clear that you want the absolute best for Turlock and I know you will continue that devotion to that commitment to our great community, our great city,” said Larson in the video.

Sisco filed his candidate intention statement with the City Clerk’s office on May 24. During a June interview with the Journal, Sisco said the “homelessness crisis” in Turlock is what motivated him to jump into the race. Other issues Sisco said were important to him included brining more mental health services to Turlock and addressing the number of employees leaving the City of Turlock.

With Sisco no longer seeking votes, that leaves four candidates in the running for the District 1 seat: Larson, Forrest White, Autumn Salazar and Jon Boulos.

Incumbent Council member Bill DeHart is seeking reelection to represent the residents of District 3. Challenging him is tech company product developer Andrew Nosrati.

In the Journal’s Election 2018 tab that published in the Sept. 19 newspaper, all the City Council candidates were asked what they believe are the top three issues affecting the city and how they would you address them.

Larson said economic prosperity, public safety and infrastructure were the top issues affecting the city.

“I plan to work to protect our agricultural-based economy and small businesses while fostering new investment,” said Larson.

Financial stability, water and city personnel were the top issues, according to White.

“Turlock’s finances are at a crossroads.  We need to develop new income streams or we will be forced to make drastic cuts.  These decisions will require decisive actions,” said White.

For Salazar, roads, public safety and transparency and accountability are affecting Turlock residents the most at this time.

“As Turlock grows and traffic on our city streets increases, it is imperative that the poor condition of our roads be addressed with long term strategies,” said Salazar.

Securing Turlock’s future, fiscal responsivity and competency and restoring trust are the top issues, according to Boulos.

“As we enter a pivotal time in our city's future, we need someone on council that can help guide growth policy with today's families in mind. We cannot wait for it to become a problem because that catch-up time can be a massive strain on the city's finances and markets,” said Boulos.

DeHart listed water, public safety and roads as the top issues.

“Access to a sufficient supply of water for drinking, cooking, laundry, growing industrial requirements and multiple other uses is declining in availability. The water drawn from the Tuolumne River by the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority will augment the water we draw from our groundwater aquifer. Neither source on its' own will supply Turlock's growing needs. We must continue to pursue this option, groundbreaking has taken place and I fully support this effort,” said DeHart.

Homelessness, economic development and fiscal responsibility are Turlock’s top issues, according to Nosrati.

“As a city leader I would focus on ensuring the safety of our public is prioritized, that the individuals needing help are connected to the resources available to them, work with the County and State towards expanding support services for those that come under sudden financial hardship, and improving the opportunities of individuals that will afford them a high quality of life,” said Nosrati.

To see the City Council candidates’ complete answers — and those of the mayoral and Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees candidates’ — go to: