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City Council preview
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BMX Bike Park has raised the money, now its time for building
The City Council is expected to accept donations for the community BMX Bike Park. Volunteers have achieved their goal of raising $10,000 and staff is now ready to begin the development of the BMX Bike Park. The total donations collected is $10,470.  
Donations in the amount of $2,115 will be accepted at Tuesday’s meeting from various donors to help support the Bike Park. The money will go to fencing, signage, drinking fountains, trash receptacles, concrete benches with pads, fencing with mow strips, landscaping and sidewalk access.      
About $1,115 was donated by local community members and $1,000 was donated by Robert Fernandes in fencing material.

Gang intervention and prevention program
The Council will vote on hiring Megan Guenter to develop a community based gang intervention and prevention program and strategy for the period of Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2010 for the amount of $51,626.  
The Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force identified the need to develop a community based gang intervention and prevention program. The targeted population for the gang intervention and prevention program will be 12 to 15 year olds.

Large family day care fees
The city is requiring licensed large family day care facilities to pay fees in accordance with the City’s business licensing requirements 180 days from the effective date of the ordinance amendments. A public hearing will be held to discuss this issue at Tuesday’s meeting.
The recommended action is to amend local regulations regarding large family day care facilities definitions, standards, and restrictions contained in Title 9 of the Turlock Municipal Code.

New officer hirings
The Council will vote on hiring four regular full-time public safety positions identified as two Police Officer I positions, one Police Sergeant and one Public Safety Communications Supervisor, along with one part-time Police Cadet for the Turlock Police Department.