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City Council to review water conservation
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As water conservation continues to be at the forefront for cities and public agencies throughout the state, the Turlock City Council will review their own water conservation efforts as they meet on Tuesday.
Turlock Municipal Services Director Michael Cooke will present the Council with a report on Turlock Water Conservation. As part of Gov. Jerry Brown's Drought State of Emergency Declaration, all California residents are encouraged to reduce their water consumption by 20 percent, in an effort to save the precious resource. Tuesday's meeting will be the first since Gov. Brown's declaration.
Also related to water, Cooke will present the Council with an update on a Notice of Discharge Violation and Proposed Penalty for the Turlock Regional Water Quality Control Facility. According to Cooke, the notice is related to a single exceedance of the City's waste discharge requirements in 2013.
Tuesday's meeting will begin with the Council appointing a member to the Turlock Parks and Recreation Commission, which might soon be combined with the City's Art Commission. Later in the meeting, council members will vote on combining the two commissions into a single advisory board, consisting of nine existing commissioners.
Newly appointed Stanislaus County Alliance CEO Dave White will attend Tuesday's City Council meeting, as he introduces himself to the council members while taking on his new position with the Alliance organization.
City Manager Roy Wasden is expected to give an update on meetings between the City of Turlock and Turlock Irrigation District following a disagreement between the two agencies regarding a transfer of water sale from the City of Turlock to Del Puerto Irrigation District. During the Jan. 14 City Council meeting, TID Board members and President Ron Macedo approached the council members regarding their decision to sell water to the Del Puerto Irrigation District, claiming that the tertiary water had previously been promised to TID. The council opted to delay approving the transfer of the water, allowing time for City staff to meet with TID personnel to discuss the confusion.
During Tuesday's meeting, Principal Civil Engineer Eric Picciano is scheduled to present a report of the city's Building Department revenues, reflecting a scheduled fee reduction of 25 percent. Upon the completion of a study, city staff has determined that the approximate semiannual costs of the Council's 25 percent fee reduction amounts to $153,877. Annually, the reduction could cost the Building Fund approximately $308,000.
On Tuesday, the City Council is also expected to:
• Review Turlock Together 2013;
• Receive an update on the Downtown Community Visioning Workshop;
• Confirm the annexation of parcels located at 855 and 871 N. Olive Avenue;
• Discuss the possibility of off-site City Council meetings; and
• Review street tree policy and procedures .
The City Council will meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at City Hall, located at 156 S. Broadway Ave.