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City funds giant egg project
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The Turlock City Council agreed to fund the Sunny Side Up project $10,000 to start the laying of the eggs around downtown Turlock.  
The Temporary Public Arts Committee has the project prepared and ready to go, they just need the funding to start the project, said Axel Gomez, chair of the committee, at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.  
“It’s like what comes first? The chicken or the egg,” Gomez said. “Well, we need money before we get the chicken or the egg.”  
The Sunny Side Up project is a proposed temporary public art display that will consist of 24 fiberglass eggs that are 4 feet tall spread around downtown Turlock. Anyone can sponsor an egg and decorate it any way they choose.  According to the committee,  eggs were chosen to both celebrate art in Turlock and add  a little taste of the agricultural industry from the community.     
There are already people interested in sponsoring eggs, but money is needed to start the project, Gomez said. Some of the interested sponsors are the Girl Scouts, classrooms and churches around the community.  
“We want to encourage neighborhoods, churches, everyone to lay and hatch their own eggs,” Gomez said.  
The loan from the City of Turlock will be paid in full within the first three years, said Trina Walley, director of the Turlock Downtown Property Owners’ Association. If the temporary public arts committee can’t raise all of the money to pay back the city, the downtown property owners will pay the rest of the loan.  
The money will be used for the molds to make the eggs, Gomez said.  
Committee members expect raising money for the project to be difficult with the current economy, but the project is expected to be self funding once it is started, Walley said.  
One way the project plans to pay for itself and make money for future art projects, is by auctioning off the eggs at the Sunny Side Up festival, said Terri Crivelli, member of the Temporary Public Arts Committee.  
The festival is planned for April 17, 2010, in downtown Turlock.
Times and dates are already set-up for the project, the committee is just waiting on the money, Gomez said. The dilemma is that time is running out.  
The first deadline for the project is Oct. 15, when the proposals for artists submissions are due. Artists can pick up their eggs Nov. 16; and they have until February to complete the eggs that will be displayed April 4 through Aug. 8, 2010.
“If we don’t get a funding source very quickly, this might not be a reality in 2010,” he said.  
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