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Council to consider Carnegie bids
The City Council will once again look at approving construction on the historic Carnegie Arts Center. - photo by Journal file photo
After nine long months, the proposed Carnegie Arts Center reconstruction is back on the Turlock City Council’s agenda this Tuesday.
The council will consider accepting EMJ Corporation of Sacramento’s $5.1 million low bid for the reconstruction and expansion of the historic Carnegie Library, which fell victim to arson in 2005.
The project will also add a new building with additional gallery space and multi-purpose rooms to host theatre, music and banquets. When completed, the 18,360 square-foot building will host arts events almost every week of the year.
The $5.1 million bid placed by EMJ is less than the $5.3 million leading bid Modesto’s Applegate Johnston Inc. submitted during a first round of bids in June, and far below the city’s initial $7.7 million estimate.
Because of that initial high estimate, Turlock has set aside $7.77 million to fund the project, ranging from $949,000 in fire insurance dollars to $4.5 million in Turlock Redevelopment Agency financing. An additional $1.7 million in Capital Facility Fees is available, as is $600,000 in community donations.
Those donations will only be used if construction costs exceed $7.1 million. Otherwise, the $600,000 will go back to the Carnegie Arts Center Foundation, who will operate and maintain the facility.
The Turlock City Council first approved the project in October 2007. At the time, construction projections saw the facility opening by the fall of 2009.
Council concerns over funding the project’s construction and operation delayed the first round of construction bids until June 2009.
The council rejected the first wave of bids on Aug. 25, 2009, due to threatened litigation, further delaying the rebuild. City staff received four complaints regarding the bid process, suggesting it was not completed in accordance with certain aspects of the labor code.
The council will consider expending $12,553 to connect electrical service to the reconstructed Carnegie Arts Center in a separate agenda item.

The Turlock City Council will also consider the following matters on Tuesday:
• A request to implement a 2010-2011 budget procedure. A budget subcommittee would meet with staff to prepare a 24-month budget to bring revenues in line with expenditures. The final budget would be brought forward by the May 11 council meeting.
•  A report on the condition of Turlock’s streets, and potential revenue sources to repair them.
•  Allowing Armstrong Development to use remaining Capital Facility Fee credits to pay for impact fees related to the WingStop development at the new CVS site. Armstrong received Capital Facility Fees credits for demolishing Liberty Market, some of which are left over.
•  Authorizing staff to proceed with the preparation of the Morgan Ranch Master Plan, a proposed community development by Quad Knopf bounded by Lander Avenue on the west, Highway 99 on the South, E. Glenwood Avenue on the north, and Golf Road on the east. The City of Turlock would spend $260,500 in Capital Facility Fee Contingency Reserves to pay for the environmental review process and to prepare a fee nexus study.
•  A request to hire a part-time Animal Services Assistant to replace a recently vacated position.
•  Appointing two City Councilmembers to serve an advisory committee for the evaluation and development of a Regional Surface Water Supply Project, and approving participation in the development and completion of an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.
• Transferring $20,000 to City Engineering Services for a review and study of traffic safety issues throughout the City of Turlock.
•  Adopting new and amended policies, procedures, and application forms for administering the Community Development Block Grant Public Services Grants Program.
•  Recognizing National Library Week, West Nile Virus and Mosquito and Vector Control Awareness Week, and National Volunteer Week.
•  An update on the Columbia Park Water Feature.

The Turlock City Council meeting will begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday in the Yosemite Room of Turlock City Hall, at 156 S. Broadway.
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