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County, Turlock assessment roll continues to rise
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Stanislaus County recorded a fifth straight year of increase in assessed values of all taxable real and business property, according to Stanislaus County Assessor Don H. Gaekle.

The the 2017-18 Regular Assessment Roll total is $46,803,221,993, an increase of 5.71 percent over the 2016-17 year’s roll total.

The assessment roll, which includes nearly 178,000 units of real property and business assessments, is the basis upon which property taxes are levied. The 2017-18 assessment roll will produce approximately $468 million in revenue to be shared by public schools, the county, cities and special districts.

The number of properties assessed at market values that are below their Proposition 13 factored base values continues to decline. This year that percentage has dropped to 11 percent of all real property parcels. Included in this remaining percentage are approximately 15,000 single family, multiple family and ranchette properties that were purchased in the years closest to the last market peak in July 2006.

Proposition 13, enacted in 1978, requires that the Assessor establish a “Base Year Value” for real property as of the 1975 lien date, the date of any subsequent change in ownership or for the completion of any new construction. This Base Year Value receives an annual adjustment for inflation, not to exceed 2 percent.

The assessment roll increase is broadly based throughout the unincorporated area (5.70 percent) and the combined cities (5.71 percent). Modesto and Turlock set the low end for cities at 5.48 percent each, with Hughson on the high end at 7.6 percent.

Turlock’s assessment roll total is $6.35 billion for 2017-18, up $330 million over the 2016-17 value.

“I want to thank the staff of the Assessor’s office for their dedication in completing the assessment roll. They are professionals who remain committed to innovative solutions and working to develop new tools that provide more cost-effective assessments and services for the residents of Stanislaus County. Our success is a direct result of the professionalism, enthusiasm and determination of our staff,” said Gaekle in a released statement.