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Energy conservation over the holidays

The Christmas holiday is upon us! While this can be an exciting time of year, the light decorations mean higher expenses on energy bills. In the midst of the excitement, there is a way to plan ahead to ensure energy efficiency. Below are some tips to help strategize for a cheerful holiday season:

·         Use LED lights instead of traditional.

·         Turn off your lights after 6 hours.

·         Cook efficiently by baking several dishes at a time, if possible.

·         Get a fire going and lower your thermostat.

·         Use fiber optic decorations.

·         Turn off room lights when the Christmas tree is lit.

·         Leave the car at home – take a walk to see Christmas lights. 


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The Winter Watering schedule has been in effect since Nov. 1. Landscape watering has been reduced to one day per week depending on your address — even numbered addresses on Saturdays and odd numbered addresses on Sundays. Don’t forget to switch your automatic sprinklers if you have not already done so.