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Every drop counts
Every Drop Counts

Now that the City of Turlock’s winter watering schedule is in full effect, have you ever wondered how else you can help save water this fall and winter season?

Small changes at home could lead to BIG savings with your water.

Water your plants less often: With coming rainfall and moisture in the air, indoor and outdoor plants require less watering. You can use rain gauges and moisture meters to determine when your plants need to be watered. When the time comes to water, make sure you are using low-flow nozzles that will help prevent you from overwatering your plants, leading to wasted water.

Take shorter showers: As temperatures outside drop, you may find yourself wanting to enjoy a couple of extra minutes each morning in that nice, warm shower before starting your day. Standard shower heads use more than two gallons of water each minute. If you skip those two extra minutes you could save over 130 gallons of water per month.

Install a rain barrel: Start collecting rainwater before it hits the ground. By setting up a rain barrel at the end of your gutter system, you can catch and reuse rainwater to water your plants and lawn, as well as other purposes around the house.

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Winter Watering Schedule: The winter watering schedule is in full effect. Landscape watering is reduced to one day per week. Even numbered addresses can water on Saturdays, with odd numbered addresses allowed to water on Sundays. Watering is prohibited between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. and within 48 hours of rainfall.