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Forrest White seeks reelection
Forrest White

City Councilman Forrest White has announced that he is seeking reelection this November, as he hopes to continue helping the City of Turlock move forward in areas such as economic growth, roadway improvements and water issues.

Having been elected to the City Council in 2010, White says that he is proud of the many successes he’s seen in Turlock over the past three and a half years such as the redevelopment of the Carnegie Arts Center, the opening of the new Public Safety Facility, developing the low-income housing complex Avena Bella, and working alongside the HAM center and Turlock Gospel Mission to help the City’s homeless population.

Although White says that Turlock has several accomplishments over recent years, he believes that there are still areas in need of improvements which he hopes to continue helping over the next four years.

“To be honest, there is still work that needs to be done, especially with roads,” said White. “I would like to be around for the next four years to see that through and contribute my time and energy. Turlock is continuing to see growth, and I want to help create policies to help that growth. People can either be critical of the problem or part of the solution, and I truly believe in my heart that I can keep contributing to find answers and help make a difference because I still have that drive.”

Living in Turlock for over 25 years, White says that although Turlock has grown significantly, the City has maintained its core values and sense of community.

“The essence of the City has continued through all these years, which to me is one of the greatest things about Turlock,” said White. “It’s always kept its independent identity while maintaining a sense of community despite all the growth. Other towns throughout the Central Valley grew uncontrollably, so I really credit Turlock’s planning department, previous councils and staff members for the controlled growth that has taken place in Turlock. Even though a lot has changed, there are things about Turlock that haven’t changed at all, and that is important.”

In his first term, White said his goals for the City of Turlock were prioritizing business development, setting smart growth policies and making quality City services a priority to enhance the quality of life in Turlock. If elected to a second term, White says that he will continue providing a strong voice on the Council to help bolster economic growth and business development, while also focusing on infrastructure improvements such as roadway repairs.

“We have a great city, and I want the roads to be just as great,” said White. “Since I’m retired, I have the time and drive to focus on finding solutions, and can make decisions on what is best for the community without any conflicts, which I hope the public sees as an advantage.”

White spent over 35 years working for the public, including five years as a Turlock City Recreation Supervisor, and the last 20 years as CEO of the San Joaquin County Fair. His primary duties as CEO consisted of budgeting, public relations, and governmental advocacy, which included working with legislators and statewide boards.