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Help avoid storm water pollution

March showers will definitely bring April flowers. They can also cause polluted water going down the storm drain. With spring showers around the corner it is important to not fertilize, spray herbicides, or pesticides if rain is expected within 48 hours of application. Sweep up excess fertilizer on the sidewalk, driveway, and roadway to ensure it does not enter the storm drain.

While sprucing up the yard whether it be mowing, blowing, or weed eating, be sure to sweep up the lawn clippings and dispose of them in the green trash can. Do not blow the clippings and dirt into the roadway. This leads to dirt and yard debris entering the storm drain during in the event of rainfall.

Remember, storm water is not treated. What goes down the storm drain eventually makes its way to our local rivers. That means everything that is on our roadways, sidewalks, and driveways eventually make its way to the storm drain if we do not implement best management practices with our day-to-day activities.

For questions or additional information, please contact Municipal Services at 209-668-5590. Brought to you by the City of Turlock Municipal Services Department.



Only rain down the storm drains: If you have witnessed anything other than rain water entering a storm drain, please report it to the City of Turlock's Municipal Services Department by either calling (209) 668-5590 or filling out the online “Report Water Pollution” form which can be found at: er/reportwaterpollution.asp