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House Speaker visits Denham's campaign office
Paul Ryan pic
House Speaker Paul Ryan visits Congressman Jeff Denham's Modesto campaign headquarters on Thursday. - photo by Photo Contributed

House Speaker Paul Ryan visited Congressman Jeff Denham's Modesto campaign headquarters on Thursday to give brief remarks on the state of the race for California’s 10th Congressional District seat and meet with campaign volunteers.

The race between Denham and Democratic challenger Michael Eggman has heated up and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee lists Eggman on its "Red to Blue" roster of top takeover prospects.

The Congressional Leadership Fund has been supporting Denham with a campaign saying Eggman and Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton back the dangerous nuclear arms pact with Iran, though "California families know they're wrong."

In two new TV ads, Eggman criticizes Denham for continuing to support Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Eggman's campaign sent out an email prior to Ryan coming to Modesto saying that the reason for the  Speaker's visit was to "raise money for vulnerable House member Jeff Denham."

While Ryan said he would no longer defend or campaign for his party's presidential nominee — following the release of a 2005 video showing Trump boasting about forcing sexual contact with women — he has been actively campaigning for Congressional Republicans.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report.