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Leaf pick-up program has ended
Garden refuse should be placed in the green cart
recycling bins

The City of Turlock’s annual leaf pickup program ended Feb. 8.  Leaves should no longer be placed in the street and should be disposed of in the green cart provided by Turlock Scavenger. 

Leaves and debris deposited into the gutter begin to collect in and around the storm drain, restricting the flow of water and potentially causing flooding of streets.  In addition, leaving garden refuse in the gutter creates storm water pollution when it rains and washes the refuse into the storm drain.

While leaf blowers make the job much easier and quicker, be sure to blow the leaves and debris into a pile and dispose of them in your green cart.  Do not blow leaves and lawn clippings into the middle of the road.  Composting, bagging, or mulching yard debris is the best practice for water quality and the environment.  Bagged yard waste should be placed in the green organics cart provided by Turlock Scavenger.

For more information regarding waste disposal services, contact Turlock Scavenger and Recycling Company at (209) 668-7274 or the City of Turlock’s Municipal Services Department at (209) 668-5590. Brought to you by the City of Turlock Municipal Services Department.



Winter watering schedule is still in effect: The City of Turlock Winter Watering Schedule runs through the end of February.   Even numbered addresses can water on Saturdays only and odd numbered addresses can water on Sundays only. Watering is prohibited between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. always. And remember, watering is prohibited for 48 hours following a significant rain event.