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Leaky roof to be fixed at TPD
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The Turlock City Council took action to repair a leaking roof at the Turlock Police Department Tuesday evening, approving a $1,500 agreement with Vernon Construction and Roofing of Hughson.
The roof had been leaking for some time, immediately above the records room, but the city had been hamstrung in addressing the issue due to the Public Contract Code, which required the project be put out to bid and approved by council. In a separate action Tuesday, the council approved granting City Manager Roy Wasden the power to authorize such emergency repairs in the future.
The project could have been completed for under $1,000 if repairs had been done immediately, but costs may balloon to $3,000 if repairmen find dry rot.

Firemen agree to rework holiday scheduling
The Turlock Firefighters Local #2434 proposed a change to their current vacation scheduling process, which would only allow two firemen, regardless of rank, to be on vacation simultaneously. Previously, the scheduling calendar allowed four firefighters, two firemen and two engineers, to be on vacation at any one time.
The change is expected to reduce overtime costs and reduce needs for excess staffing by better spreading vacation days throughout the year. The new policy, as adopted by council, could save the City of Turlock $50,000 this year, and could save the city as much as $150,000 per year in coming years.

Northeast Turlock Master Plan to move forward
In hopes of kick-starting construction efforts on the East Tuolumne Master Plan — a new subdivision area along both sides of East Tuolumne Road just east of North Waring Road — the Turlock City Council approved a development agreement that would put developers first in line for reimbursements.
Developers RBK Development, Inc. and Belgravia Land and Development, Inc. must outlay millions to build required backbone infrastructure relating to roads, sewage, and electrical systems before construction can begin. As the city collects fees related to development that will use that backbone infrastructure, the developers would be reimbursed in whole or part for their work.
A very similar agreement was adopted in the construction of Turlock’s Northeast Master Plan, according to City Engineer Mike Pitcock, which worked out well.
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