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List of candidates released for June election
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With the Statewide Direct Primary Election just over two months away, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen announced the final the list of candidates and propositions on Friday.
Ballots cast for state and federal posts in the June 8 primary election will determine which candidates will represent each party in the Nov. 2 General Election. However, a number of local races and propositions will receive a final verdict this June.
County posts of clerk-recorder and sheriff-coroner, in addition to two county supervisor races, are set to be determined in the primary election.
Five propositions have also qualified for the ballot, covering issues ranging from car insurance rates to electric utilities and the mechanics of primary elections.
The following is a list of qualified candidates and propositions.

2010 Statewide Direct Primary Election Candidates

Richard William Aguirre (D), Businessman
Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown (D), Attorney General of California
Lowell Darling (D), Independent Artist
Vibert Greene (D), Mechanical Engineer/CEO
Charles “Chuck” Pineda, Jr. (D), Parole Board Judge
Peter Schurman (D), Non-Profit Organization Consultant
Joe Symmon (D), Non-Profit Organization President
Bill Chambers (R), Railroad Switchman
Douglas R. Hughes (R), Retired Business Owner
Ken Miller (R), Family Broadcasting Executive
Lawrence “Larry” Naritelli (R), Accountant/Controller
Robert C. Newman II  (R), Psychologist/Farmer
Steve Poizner (R), Businessman
David Tully-Smith (R), Primary Care Physician
Meg Whitman (R), Businesswoman
Chelene Nightingale (American Independent), Business Owner
Markham Robinson (American Independent), Software Firm Owner
S. Deacon Alexander (Green), Student
Laura Wells (Green), Financial Systems Consultant
Dale F. Ogden (Libertarian), Business Consultant/Actuary
Stewart A. Alexander (Peace and Freedom), Political Consultant
Carlos Alvarez (Peace and Freedom), Retail Worker
Mohammad Arif (Peace and Freedom), Businessman

Lieutenant Governor
Janice Hahn (D), Los Angeles City Councilwoman
Eric Korevaar (D), Scientist/Father/Businessman
Gavin Newsom (D), Mayor, City and County of San Francisco
Sam Aanestad (R), Doctor/California Senator
Bert Davis (R), Businessman
Yvonne R. Girard (R), Judicial Assistant
Dave Harris (R), Businessman
Scott L. Levitt (R), Attorney
Abel Maldonado (R), Senator/Businessman/Farmer
Jim King (American Independent), Real Estate Broker
James “Jimi” Castillo (Green), Cultural Spiritual Advisor
Pamela J. Brown (Libertarian), Economics Professor
C.T. Weber (Peace and Freedom), Retired Government Analyst

Secretary of State
Debra Bowen (D), Incumbent Secretary of State
Damon Dunn (R), Small Business Owner
Orly Taitz (R), Attorney/Dentist/Businesswoman
Merton D. Short (American Independent), Aviator
Ann Menasche (Green), Civil Rights Attorney
Christina Tobin (Libertarian), Voting Rights Advocate
Marylou Cabral (Peace and Freedom), Community Volunteer

John Chiang (D), Incumbent Controller
David Evans (R), CPA/CFO
Tony Strickland (R), State Senator/Businessman
Lawrence G. Belix (American Independent), Independent Businessman
Nathan E. Johnson (American Independent), Retired
Ross D. Frankel (Green), Accountant
Andrew “Andy” Favor (Libertarian), Certified Public Accountant
Karen Martinez (Peace and Freedom), Retired

Bill Lockyer (D), Incumbent California State Treasurer
Mimi Walters (R), Businesswoman/Senator
Robert Lauten (American Independent), No Ballot Designation
Charles “Kit” Crittenden (Green), Retired Professor
Edward M. Teyssier (Libertarian), Business Owner/Attorney
Debra L. Reiger (Peace and Freedom), Retired Technology Manager

Attorney General
Rocky Delgadillo (D), Attorney at Law
Kamala D. Harris (D), District Attorney, City and County of San Francisco
Chris Kelly (D), Attorney/Businessman
Ted W. Lieu (D), Military Prosecutor/Lawmaker
Pedro Nava (D), Attorney/Assemblymember
Mike Schmier (D), Employee Rights Attorney
Alberto Torrico (D), Workers’ Rights Attorney
Steve Cooley (R), District Attorney
John Eastman (R), Constitutional Law Attorney
Tom Harman (R), Attorney/Senator
Diane Beall Templin (American Independent), Attorney/RE Broker
Peter Allen (Green), Attorney
Timothy J. Hannan (Libertarian), Attorney/Arbitrator/Mediator
Robert J. Evans (Peace and Freedom), Criminal Defense Lawyer

Insurance Commissioner
Hector De La Torre (D), California Legislator
Dave Jones (D), Member, California State Assembly
Brian Fitzgerald (R), Department’s Enforcement Attorney
Mike Villines (R), Businessman/State Assemblyman
Clay Pedersen (American Independent), Retail Manager
William Balderston (Green), Teacher/Union Organizer
Richard S. Bronstein (Libertarian), Licensed Insurance Broker
Dina Josephine Padilla (Peace and Freedom), Injured Worker Consultant

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Larry Aceves, Retired School Superintendent
Karen Blake, Geologist
Alexia L. Delgianni, Governing Board Member, Orange Unified School District
Lydia A. Gutierrez, Public School Teacher
Diane A. Lenning, Retired Educator
Leonard James Martin, Retired
Grant McMicken, Mathematics Teacher/Educator
Daniel M. Nusbaum, Public School Teacher
Gloria Romero, Educator/Senator
Faarax Dahir Sheikh-Noor, No Ballot Designation
Tom Torlakson, Teacher/California Legislator
Henry Williams Jr., Adjunct Professor

Board of Equalization Member, District 1
Ted Ford (D), Economist
G. Alan Montgomery (D), Broker/Paralegal/Investor
Betty T. Yee (D), Incumbent Equalization Board Member
Kevin R. Scott (R), Venture Capitalist
Rae Williams (R), Mother
Kennita Watson (Libertarian), Retired Quality Engineer
Sherill Borg (Peace and Freedom), No Ballot Designation

Board of Equalization Member, District 2
Paul Vincent Avila (D), Governing Board Member, Ontario-Montclair School District
Chris Parker (D), California Tax Counselor
Mark L. Stebbins (D),  Business Owner/Contractor
Barbara Alby (R), Acting Equalization Boardmember
Alan Nakanishi (R), Jobs, Economy Analyst
George Runner (R), Taxpayer Advocate/Senator
Edward C. Streichman (R), Tax Auditor
Willard D. Michlin (Libertarian), CPA/Businessman
Toby Michelle-Sawyer (Peace and Freedom), Security Officer

Board of Equalization Member, District 3
Mary Christian Heising (D), Retired Businesswoman
Vic Baker (R), Engineer/Business Developer
Michelle Steele (R), Incumbent Member, Board of Equalization
Terri Lussenheide (American Independent), Home School Teacher
Jerry L. Dixon (Libertarian), Certified Public Accountant
Mary Lou Finley (Peace and Freedom), Special Education Assistant

Board of Equalization Member, District 4
Jerome E. Horton (D), Incumbent Member State Board of Equalization District 4
Shawn Hoffman (American Independent), Business Administrator
Peter “Pedro” De Baets (Libertarian), Small Business Owner
Nancy Lawrence (Peace and Freedom), Jewelry Maker

U.S. Senate
Barbara Boxer (D), Incumbent United States Senator
Robert M. “Mickey” Kaus (D), Journalist/Blogger
Brian Quintana (D), Businessman/Educator
Tom Campbell (R), Economist/Business Educator
Chuck DeVore (R), Assemblyman/Military Reservist
Carly Fiorina (R), Business Executive
Tim Kalemkarian (R), No Ballot Designation
Al Ramirez (R), Businessman
Don J. Grundmann (American Independent), Doctor of Chiropractic
Edward C. Noonan (American Independent), Computer Store Owner
Al Salehi (American Independent), Entrepreneur/Political Analyst
Duane Roberts (Green), Community Volunteer
Gail K. Lightfoot (Libertarian), Retired Nurse
Marsha Feinland (Peace and Freedom), Retired Teacher

U.S. Representative, District 18
Dennis Cardoza (D), Incumbent United States Congressman
Michael Clare Berryhill, Sr. (R), Agribusinessman

U.S. Representative, District 19
Loraine Goodwin (D), Physician/Attorney/Trustee
Les Marsden (D), Planning Commissioner/Educator
Jeff Denham (R), Farmer/Businessman/Senator
Jim Patterson (R), Businessman/Broadcast Executive
Richard Pombo (R), Rancher
Larry Westerlund (R), Naval Officer/Councilmember

State Senator, 12th District
Anna Caballero (D), Assemblymember
Anthony Cannella (R), Mayor/Business Owner

State Senator, 14th District
Larry Johnson (D), Business Owner
Tom Berryhill (R), Farmer/Legislator
Tim J. Campi (R), Equipment Engineer
Bret De St. Jeor (R), Small Businessman/Farmer
Heidi Fuller (R), Utility Industry Consultant
Tom Marsella (R), Independent Financial Advisor

State Assembly, 17th District
Jack Mobley (R), Business Owner
Cathleen Galgiani (D), Incumbent Assemblywoman

State Assembly, 25th District
Bill Conrad (R), Businessman/Army Officer
Janice Keating (R), Accountant
Teri Murrison (R), County Supervisor
Kristin Olsen (R), Councilmember
Kurt Vander Weide (R), Congressman’s Legislative Representative
Jesse James White (R), Riverbank Councilmember

State Assembly, 26th District
Bill Berryhill (R), Incumbent
Tim Weintz, Sr. (D), No Ballot Designation

Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge, Office No. 6
Shawn D. Bessey, Criminal Prosecutor
Martha Carlton-Magaña, Attorney
Geoffrey C. Hutcheson, Attorney
Philip A. Pimentel, Attorney-At-Law
William E. Mussman, Attorney/Arbitrator/Mediator
Nancy Williamsen, Superior Court Commissioner

County Assessor
Dave Cogdill, Property Appraiser/Businessman

County Auditor-Controller
Rick Dahlseid, Chief Financial Officer
Lauren Klein, Chief Deputy Auditor-Controller

County Clerk-Recorder
Terry Harwell, Businessman
Lee Lundrigan, Incumbent Stanislaus Clerk Recorder

County District Attorney
Birgit Fladager, Incumbent Stanislaus County District Attorney

County Sheriff-Coroner
Adam Christianson, Incumbent Stanislaus County Sheriff
Rob Jackson, Police Captain

County Superintendent of Schools
Tom Changnon, Incumbent

County Treasurer-Tax Collector
Gordon B. Ford, Incumbent

County Supervisor, District 3
Bill Lyons, Farmer/Businessman
Terry Withrow, Accountant/Farmer

County Supervisor, District 4
Balvino Irizarry, Business Owner
Dick Monteith, Incumbent
Carmen Sabatino, Businessman

County Republican Central Committee, District 2 (Vote for 5)
Gregory L. Adams, Incumbent
Daniel A. Aydenian, Incumbent
Joshua S. Bernard, Dairyman
Markar Gharibian, Incumbent
Marie D. Lilly-Roberson, Student
James Christopher Viera

Proposition 13, “Limits on property tax assessment. Seismic retrofitting of existing buildings. Legislative constitutional amendment.”
- Seismic retrofits would not trigger reassessment of property tax values. Sets standards for qualifying retrofit improvements.
Proposition 14, “Elections. Increases right to participate in primary elections.”
- Changes primary election process for statewide, congressional, and legislative races. The two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes appear on the general election ballot, regardless of party. Voters may vote for any primary candidate, regardless of party.
Proposition 15, “California Fair Elections Act.”
- Repeals ban on public funding of political campaigns. Candidates receiving enough public support would qualify for a voluntary public campaign grant, if they agree not to raise or spend money beyond the grant. The act wound be funded by voluntary contributions and a biennial fee on lobbyists, lobbying firms, and lobbying employers.
Proposition 16, “Imposes new two-thirds voter approval requirement for local public electricity providers. Initiative constitutional amendment.”
- Would require two-thirds voter approval before local governments provide electricity service to new customers or establish a community choice electrical program using public funds or bonds.
Proposition 17, “Allows auto insurance companies to base their prices in part on a driver’s history of insurance coverage. Initiative statute.”
- Allows companies to reduce or increase the cost of insurance depending on a driver’s history of contiguous insurance coverage.

More information on the slew of candidates and races will be available in the Journal in the weeks leading up to the race.
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