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Merced County opens flood hotline amidst increasing storm impacts

The Merced County Emergency Operations Center rolled out a flood hotline today to help residents impacted by the current storm system.


The number to the hotline is 209-385-7563.


The hotline will connect residents with resources such as:

·         Sandbag information;

·         Flood evacuation warnings;

·         Mandatory flood evacuation locations;

·         Shelter locations;

·         Road closures;

·         Family reunification support;

·         Additional flood resources.


The hotline will be available in English, Spanish, and Hmong. It will operate from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday during the duration of the current flood event. After hours, a recording will direct callers to appropriate resources.


Additionally, anyone who would like to assist through donations can make financial contributions through the United Way of Merced County at 209-383-4242 or email Janet Kasper at    


At this time, residents are asked to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary. Major flooding is occurring along local roads and highways, and first responders are working diligently to protect public safety and property. Always follow emergency signage.


Road closures, shelter sites, evacuation warning areas, and mandatory evacuation areas can be viewed on the Merced County Emergency Operation Center's Perimeter app


Sandbags will remain available throughout the County. Visit for more information. To sign up for Merced County emergency alerts, visit Further details about the current storm system, including alerts and safety information, is available at the National Weather Service’s website listed in the resources below.