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President signs $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill
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President Barack Obama signed a $1.1 trillion spending package that will fund the federal government until Oct. 1, removing the threat of another possible government shutdown until then.

The spending bill, passed during the week by both houses of Congress, received President Obama’s signature on Friday, just a day before federal funding was set to expire.

According to the Associated Press, the measure calls for less spending than Obama had initially proposed, but more than Republicans sought.

 Negotiations on the spending package were essential, as members of both parties were determined to avoid another government shutdown such as the 16-day shutdown experienced in October.

The package provides funding for every agency of the federal government, while also scaling back automatic spending cuts such as the ones that hit the Pentagon and major domestic programs in 2013.

Congressman Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) expressed support for the spending package, noting several reforms on federal spending programs included in the bill. 

“Unlike some who would prefer an open checkbook, I support this appropriations bill because it contains significant reforms to our spending programs,” said Rep. Denham. “It provides certainty for the remainder of the fiscal year and cuts discretionary spending for the fourth straight year. This common-sense plan gives Congress the opportunity to focus our attention to other vital priorities, such as our continued efforts to pass job-creating legislation and our work to enact pro-growth economic reforms.”

The nearly 1,600 page omnibus spending bill, which includes all 12 of the individual annual spending bills, provides nearly $520 billion in defense, and over $491 billion to cover domestic programs including education, healthcare and research, and federal law enforcement agencies.

"Across the board, our government is going to be operating without, hopefully, too many glitches over the next year," President Obama told budget office employees who attended the bill signing. "And not only is that good for all of you and all the dedicated public servants in the federal government but, most importantly, it's good for the American people."