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Progress made in downtown McDonalds
Developer to front the costs of area improvements
A new McDonald's will soon be built at the current site of the Bonander car sales lot on the block of Center and Marshall streets, Golden State Boulevard and East Avenue. - photo by KRISTINA HACKER / The Journal

While downtown Turlock prepares to play host to a McDonald’s restaurant in the future, the surrounding area will also be spruced up through an agreement with the City of Turlock and the hamburger franchise owner.

Set to open where a Bonander car lot currently exists, the new McDonald’s will be located on the parcel of land that borders Center Street, Golden State Boulevard, East Avenue, and Marshall Street.  This lot will soon be transformed, along with the surrounding area, after the City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved to reimburse the developer for up to $413,156.20 for roadway and curb improvements.

As spelled out in the City’s Capital Facilities program, the construction of East Avenue Public Improvements will include dedication of right of way; construction of curb, gutter, sidewalk and roadway widening; undergrounding of Turlock Irrigation District overhead power lines; and the relocation of existing traffic signal poles and signal cabinet at the intersection of East Avenue and South Golden State Boulevard. The land parcel is in a transitional commercial zoning district which allows for this type of use through the staff level review Minor Discretionary Permit ,which was issued after adjacent property owners were notified of the incoming restaurant and drive through and no complaints were filed.

 “Since community objections were not received and the design met the design guidelines for transitional commercial, staff issued a permit to McDonald’s on June 19,” explained City Engineer and Director of Development Services Michael Pitcock. “To date, they have not executed that agreement but it has a six month life and will not expire until Dec. 19.”

The developer will be reimbursed for actual costs of construction, not estimated costs, and will be required to front the funds for the improvements and will be reimbursed upon the City’s reception of proof of payment.  Financed through the City’s Capital Facilities Fee Transportation reserves, should the improvements exceed the amount of $413,156.20 the Council will need to approve further reimbursement.

While no date is slated for the McDonald’s to open, the City is now awaiting the developer’s decision to begin the East Avenue Improvement Project.

Across town, another fast food restaurant may be coming to Turlock as plans are underway for the establishment of a Taco Bell on N. Golden State Boulevard near the Pitman High School campus. However, local community members have filed an appeal protesting the Planning Commission’s agenda item to approve a Minor Discretionary Permit and will voice their concerns at the Aug. 26 City Council meeting.