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Public has opportunity to sound off on downtown Turlock parking
The City of Turlock is seeking public input on the parking situation in downtown Turlock. - photo by TITUS ALAMEDA/The Journal

For those who have been driven to exasperation searching for a parking space in downtown Turlock now is the time to speak up.

The City of Turlock is looking for community input on downtown Turlock’s parking availability — good or bad. The City has launched an online survey to allow the public to identify concerns, issues and potential solutions.

“Community input is critical as we prepare this parking plan," said Mayor Gary Soiseth. “Our downtown continues to thrive, but we need to make sure parking issues don't limit this success or become a constraint on future growth."

In December of 2015 the Turlock City Council approved an agreement with TJKM Transportation Consultants for the development of a Downtown Parking Plan. The agreement, which is costing the city no more than $69,410 calls for TJKM to prepare a plan that will identify the strategies, infrastructure improvements and funding needed to increase the supply of parking in the downtown, including but not limited to, the construction of a surface parking lot at 129 South Broadway and a parking garage.

TJKM will survey the existing parking conditions and determine the current parking demand, as well as determine the peak demand for weekday and weekend parking.

The online survey is now available on the City of Turlock webpage for the community to provide input on the current parking needs as well as the communities’ long-term vision for parking in the Downtown Area. The survey is available on the project website at