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Recycling during coronavirus
conservation corner

Although stay-at-home orders are slowly but surely being released in cities and counties across the country, many Americans are undoubtedly spending more time at home this year. This leaves potential for more waste generation to occur at home; but it can also lead to more opportunity to reuse and recycle certain items.  

Tips and Reminders During and After COVID-19:

·         Keep plastic bags, masks, wipes, and latex gloves out of the recycling bin.

·         If someone in your home has COVID-19, treat your recyclables as trash.

·         Don’t put your recyclables in plastic bags.

·         Clean and shake dry recyclables to ensure products get recycled.

·         Break down cardboard boxes and put them in the recycling bin whenever possible.

·         Put recycling and trash in the appropriate bins, not next to them. Leaving materials next to bins increases risks to sanitation workers and can attract pests.

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