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Regional Transportation Improvement Program up for public review
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The Stanislaus Council of Governments will hold a public hearing next week on the 2016 transportation plan the agency is required to submit to the California Transportation Commission.

The 2016 Regional Transportation Improvement Program includes $38 million in projects carried over from the 2014 program. There were no new projects introduced in StanCOG’s 2016 plan due to the recent decline in excise tax, which has greatly impacted transportation funding.

This program covers a five-year period, beginning at fiscal year 2016/17 and ending in 2020/21. The 2016 program is a prioritized to ensure that projects contribute to the overall creation of a dynamic transportation system and lead to meeting the objectives of improving mobility, reducing congestion and improving air quality as it relates to transportation related air pollution.

Regional Improvement Projects selected are:

1. Rt 132 Expressway, Phase 1 Dakota Ave-Rt 99 (Modesto:  In Modesto, on Route 132 from 0.2 mile east of Stone Avenue to 6th Street, and on Route 99 from I Street to Woodland Avenue. Construct 4-lane expressway (eastbound only) and improve Route 132/99 interchange; Funding requested — $18,914,00.

2. Route 132 Expressway, Phase IA N. Dakota Avenue-Rt 99 (Modesto): In Modesto, from North Dakota Avenue to Route 99. Construct 4-lane expressway (westbound only) and improve Route 99 interchange; Funding requested —$9,641,000.

3. McHenry Avenue Widening Near Modesto and Escalon Near Modesto and Escalon: On McHenry Avenue, from Ladd Road/Patterson Road to the Stanislaus River. Widen from two to four lanes with two way left turn lane; Funding requested — $4,100,000.

4.  Pelandale Avenue Interchange: In Modesto and Salida, from 0.75 mile south of Pelandale Avenue to 0.35 mile north of Pelandale Avenue. Reconstruct the SR 99/Pelandale interchange and construct auxiliary lane; Funding requested — $4,336,000.

5. Planning, Programming and Monitoring Stanislaus Council of Governments Planning; Funding requested — $990,000.

The StanCOG 2016 RTIP can be viewed at: t or by visiting the StanCOG office, located at 1111 I Street, Suite 308, Modesto. Written comments regarding this document must be received by 3 p.m. on Nov. 11 to be included as a part of the record.  

StanCOG will also hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. Oct. 21 in the StanCOG Board Room, 1111 I Street, Suite 308, Modesto, for the purpose of soliciting comments on the StanCOG 2016 RTIP document. All those wishing to speak will be given an opportunity to do so.