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Some elections over as campaigning begins
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With the Nov. 3 Consolidated District Election still two months away, four local races have already been decided while another has been stricken from the ballot.
On Tuesday, the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors agreed to appoint those candidates running unopposed in lieu of holding elections, putting an end to 20 races countywide. Nine additional races will not make the ballot, as no candidates filed for election.
Pursuant to Section 10515 of the Elections Code, the Board of Supervisors may declare elected any candidates who face no competitors in their electoral campaigns. Those appointed take office and serve as though elected in the Consolidated District Election.
The removal of races from the ballot reduces the cost of the election to the County, allows for the consolidation of voting districts, and simplifies the job of voters.
Local appointees on Tuesday were Turlock Irrigation District Division 2 Director Charles Fernandes, Denair Community Service District Directors Donald George Smith Jr. and Diedre Thomas; Keyes Community Service District Directors Henry Benavides; Harinder Grewal and Davie Landers Jr.; and Keyes Municipal Advisory Council Members Harinder Grewal and Karen Poppen.
As no candidates filed for the three available seats on the Denair Municipal Advisory Council that campaign was also pulled from the ballot. The Board of Supervisors must appoint three qualified persons to those positions by Nov. 3.
For more information on the Nov. 3 elections, visit or call the County Clerk-Recorder’s Office at 525-5200. Spanish speakers can contact the Clerk-Recorder’s Office at 525-5230.
To vote in the Nov. 3 election, Stanislaus County residents must be United States citizens, not in prison or on parole for conviction of a felony, and at least 18 years of age on Nov. 3. The final day to register to vote in the Nov. 3 election is Oct. 19.
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