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State declares August Child Support Awareness Month
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The month of August is typically associated  with cooling temperatures, the start of school and the end of summer vacation.

For some state officials, however, the month of August means something a lot more.

Last week, the California Department of Child Support Services stated that it would be commemorating the month of August by recognizing California’s 51 local child support agencies in counties across the state, including the one in the Stanislaus County.

Along with county agencies, the state department will also be recognizing the courts that collectively provide the services necessary to help children get the financial and medical support they are entitled to.

“Our mission is to collect money owed to families so that children have the security and support they need, but we recognize that some parents face challenges to making their child support payments including under-employment, re-entry after incarceration, or other challenges,” said Kathleen Hrepich, interim director of DCSS. “Local child support agencies, through partnerships, can play an important role for parents trying to be successful in making consistent child support payments.”

Hrepich urged parents who are past due on child support payments to stop by their local child support agency and try and seek assistance. Child support professionals can provide their customers with referrals to other programs for crisis intervention, social services, workforce programs and community organizations that can help address non-child support needs.

California Governor Jerry Brown also urged parents who are behind in payments to take advantage of their local agencies, and take the necessary measures to ensure that they help with their children's futures.

“Providing child support is one of the many ways that parents demonstrate their love for their children,” said Brown. “Our children need that love and support for the healthy and bright future they deserve.”

In the last fiscal year, the DCSS, together with the local child support agencies, collected a combined $2.3 billion in distributed collection,  a $48 million increase over the previous year.

The Stanislaus County Department of Child Support Services works on approximately 32,000 cases a year.