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Tips on saving energy

Warm weather can trigger increased energy usage. We’ve all heard of setting your air conditioner thermostat at 78° or higher, but did you know every degree above that setting can provide savings up to approximately 2% of cooling costs. Below are some additional tips that will help make your home more energy efficient and will save on the piggy bank.

·         Avoid using oven on hot days. Instead, use stove top, microwave or grill outside.

·         Clear the area around your air conditioner vents to ensure the best possible ventilation.

·         If possible, enjoy an afternoon by the pool, park or visit your local library.

·         Wait until cooler times of the day to do tasks that make your house warmer, such as laundry or cooking.

·         Turn on ceiling fans when using air conditioner. By doing so, you can raise your thermostat about four degrees. 

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LEDs are the ultimate energy saver: LEDs are very energy efficient and cheap too. Lights in our homes and offices should be replaced with LEDs to conserve energy.