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Turlock residents given access to free water

For those that are tired of seeing their dead or dying landscape but still want to continue conserving water, the City of Turlock might have a new option.

Turlock residents will now be able to receive free water for watering their lawns, gardens and other types of foliage.

The City of Turlock has opened up a recycled water treatment and filling station that will offer free water for authorized residential users and at a small cost for commercial users.

“Most people had to let their grass go brown and we realized we could put all this recycled water to use. This whole process started back when the drought hit California,” said Larry Gilley, Utilities Division Manager.

Located at the Turlock Regional Water Quality Control Facility at 901 S. Walnut Road, the new self-service drive through system is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Those looking to load their non petroleum tanks are encouraged to fill up their containers with as much water as they can haul. But first, those looking to take advantage must complete an online certification program. This program makes sure that customers understand state regulations for recycled water, including appropriate and restricted uses as well as proper transportation procedure.

Once the course is completed, customers will receive a certificate of completion which they must submit along with a completed application to the Municipal Services Department.

Containers brought for transporting the water must also follow certain guidelines. They must have water-tight lids, shall not leak and be secure container for safe transport. These containers shall also not be used to carry potable (drinking) water unless thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


Water is fairly heavy to transport which is why it is important to recognize the carrying capacity of a vehicle before topping off. Homeowners are suggested to not pick up more than 300 gallons per visit. Not to worry though, visits are unlimited.

“After what TID takes from us we still have about six million gallons available per day of recycled water we can use for our program alone,” said Gilley. “I think it’s a great program and it will benefit citizens of Turlock and become a great attribute to the city.”

This innovative and highly efficient water recycling process is one of a few facilities of its kind in the Central Valley. With drought conditions continuing to affect the area and people looking for ways to conserve water, this program makes it fast and simple to save.

 “Turlock is proud to be one of the first cities in the entire San Joaquin Valley to offer this great program," said Mayor Gary Soiseth. "While we already apply recycled water to many of Turlock's parks and landscaped medians, we're proud to now offer this water to our businesses and residents. It's yet another example of our commitment to maximizing the use of Turlock's water during this historic drought."

The application for recycled water use can be downloaded online from the City of Turlock website at or you can pick up a hard copy from the Municipal Services Department, located at City Hall.