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Turlock sidewalks on county infrastructure project list
county infrastructure projects
One of the county-funded infrastructure projects will be building sidewalks on West Avenue from Jordan to South avenues (JOE CORTEZ/The Journal).

The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve the use of $15 million from the general fund – with $3 million going to each district – for various infrastructure projects. 

District 2 Supervisor Vito Chiesa earmarked $2 million of his available funds for three projects: 

·    -     $1.3 million will go toward the Denair School Safe Cross and Active Transportation Connectivity Project. These funds will act as a local match to the state Active Transportation Project funds. 

·    -     $450,000 will be used to deliver a sidewalk project in the unincorporated county area on the corner of Linwood and Lander avenues, and on West Avenue, from Jordan to South avenues. 

·    -     $250,00 toward lighting in the town of La Grange, along approximately 900 feet of Highway 132, west of the curve. 

The county’s Public Works department will return before the board at a later date to appropriate the final $1 million when Chiesa identifies an additional project, or projects, for the remaining funds. 

“We’ve been trying to do some of these projects for years,” said Chiesa. “These things are always sitting in the back of your mind. You have to be ready and in the design phase so you can bid it out when the time comes. This is good stuff.” 

The board also approved another $3,000 for District 2 – more than $24,000 for districts 2, 3 and 5 combined – as the county seeks to participate in FEMA’s Community Rating System to receive flood insurance at discounted rates, which requires elevations certificates for eight properties withing unincorporated areas of the county. A proposal of just over $14,000 was received from NorthStar Engineering. Without the work being completed by NorthStar, the county cannot receive the flood insurance at a reduced rate. An additional $10,000 will be used to cover county staff time while coordinating with NorthStar and FEMA, for an overall estimated cost of $24,343.  

Per the Building Community Infrastructure Funds Policy adopted in September 2022, the board is required to identify and select community projects to be delivered with these funds.  

“We’re excited to implement this new strategy from our Board of Supervisors and prioritize neighborhood projects throughout the county,” said county CEO Jody Hayes. “This program is truly unprecedented, shifting $15 million in county general fund in direct support for our Public Works team to improve sidewalks, lighting and pedestrian safety for families today and future generations to come.”