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100 years and counting
Mary Green
Mary Green celebrates her 100th birthday Tuesday afternoon with friends and bridge club members at St. Francis Assisted Living. Green opens some of her gifts at the head of the table as onlookers watch. - photo by BROOKE BORBA / The Journal

Mary Green celebrated her 100th birthday throughout the week with friends, family members, and bridge companions at St. Francis Assisted Care with treats, cupcakes, and even champagne.

“She has been celebrating all month, it seems,” said Assistant Director Melissa Summerlot. “She is a sweet little thing. She is 100 going on 30. She moves about and carries on.”

Green is known for being active, and has even created her own bridge club almost 10 years ago that is still involving the elderly every day. In her earlier years, she bowled and golfed.

Although Green says Tuesday was her birthday, she doesn't really know for sure. Like most babies in the early 1900s, she was born at home, and she has had to calculate her birthday by the month that she was baptized. Arguably, she may even by 102 instead of 100.

“The security card says Dec. 17, so I guess I’ll just go with that,” Green joked to the table.

At a party on Tuesday afternoon, Green’s friends were seated at a long table, and encouraged to write down memories and share speeches about the guest of honor.

Gladis Dickson, a fellow guest at St. Francis stated: “I I haven’t known Mary too long since I’ve been here, but what I will always remember about her is that she always has a smile. She is always happy about something. And it really does a person good each day whenever I see her. I hope you have many more birthdays.”

Green had only a few choice words to say about her long life and her future.

“It doesn’t mean anything without friends,” she said to the table. “We need our friends. It’s wonderful to have them here with me to share this day.”