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20 in 2020
20 in 2020

The Turlock Journal is taking a preemptive stand against election year vitriol by launching our own campaign —one that focuses on coming together for the betterment of our community.

The 20 in 2020 campaign challenges Journal readers to volunteer 20 hours of their time throughout the year in service to their community. While local residents are already known for their generosity through organizations like the United Samaritans Foundation, Salvation Army and Friends of the Turlock Library, this year in particular the Journal is hoping to turn the focus onto working together for a common good.

Those of you who are still nursing battle wounds from the political discourse at the holiday dinner table know that an election year — especially here in a purple region — can be divisive at home and the workplace.

Instead of discussing politics, we hope coworkers will gather around the water cooler to update each other on their recent philanthropic adventures.

Instead of gossiping about the most recent Twitter war between the President and Democratic presidential candidates, Turlockers can offers tips on the best places to volunteer or share information on local events that support good causes.

According to, more than 7.8 million California residents volunteered last year. Their service has an estimated economic value of more than $16.6 billion.

During a time when the City of Turlock is facing a financial crisis, a few residents volunteering to clean up a park makes a huge impact on the quality of life for all their neighbors. The We Care emergency shelter is always seeking new groups and families to help cook and serve meals to the homeless and the Children’s Crisis Center welcomes gifts of service that help keep their program up and running.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities year-round for those looking to give back to their community.

As part of the 20 in 2020 campaign, the Journal will be hosting three service day events throughout the year. For more information on those service days, information on where you can volunteer on an ongoing basis and a community calendar for upcoming nonprofit events, visit the website, which will launch on Jan. 20. This day is significant as it is the 25th anniversary of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and day of service that celebrates the Civil Rights leader’s life and legacy. 

You don’t have to wait until Jan. 20 to get involved, join the Turlock20in2020 Facebook group today.

Be on the lookout this year for 20 in 2020 swag, including campaign buttons and t-shirts. If someone asks you who you will be supporting this election season, just point to your 20 in 2020 button and say “my community.”