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A consignment store that gives back
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Name of business: Just Cause

Type of business: Consignment store

Location: 100 North Palm St.


Hours of operation:

Tue - Fri: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sat: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Contact info: (209) 594-5777


History of business:


For most business owners, the concept of owning a business is simple, sell a product, and make a profit.

But for Turlock business owners Trina Walley and Tracy Myers, owning a business isn’t just about numbers, it’s about having the opportunity to give back to the community.

Last month, Myers and Walley opened up their own consignment store in downtown Turlock called Just Cause. The store takes donations of new, original, and gently used furniture and home decor and sells them to customers looking for competitively priced goods. In order for someone to move their product through the consignment store, they pay a 40 percent fee. However, what separates Just Cause from other consignment stores is their option that allows individuals to “Consign for a Cause.” Through the program. an individual can designate a percentage of their consignment to a cause of their choice, and Just Cause will match up to ten percent of that fee. Additionally, organizations can reserve the front of the vendor room for a month and “Just Cause” will lower consignment fees so that the donations sell faster, and the organization makes more money.

Although the store has only been open a month, they have already helped raise funds for Turlock’s Kiwanis club, Salvation Army and Holy Ground Ministries.

“It’s a place to shop where you know you’re not just supporting a business, but also supporting the community,” said Myers.

The opening of Just Cause marks the first home décor and furniture consignment store in Turlock and both Myers and Walley are optimistic the uniqueness and local flavor of the business will help it grow with the community.

“For me, it’s a place where people can find what they want without having to pay retail price,” said Myers.

According to Myers, customers can expect anywhere from 45 to 75 percent off most goods. Myers also stated that many of the items in the store are factory returned or just gently used, meaning customers can get like new products, without having to pay the like new price.

 As for the future, both Myers and Walley are optimistic that Just Cause will expand, and that their unique business model won't just grow to help themselves, but also the community.


Business specialty: Just Cause specializes in accepting consignments and helping sell new original furniture and home decor.