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A ‘greener’ Thanksgiving

This year challenge yourself to have a ‘green’ Thanksgiving and reduce the amount of waste you, and whomever you are spending the day with, generate.

Now is your chance to use the “good dishes” and the cloth napkins you have been storing for years! While disposable dishes and plastic utensils might be more convenient, they create a huge amount of waste. Be sure to use your dishwasher at the end of the night to avoid wasting water while hand washing a sink full of dishes.

In addition to using real dishware, serve tap water in a drink dispenser instead of passing out water bottles. Infuse the water with lemons or cucumber for a more presentable look that your guests will love.

Instead of dealing with a ton of leftovers and to avoid excess food waste, opt for a smaller sized turkey and skip some of the traditional, less popular side dishes this year.

Are you planning on traveling to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends out of the area? Do your best to carpool with other family members coming from the same direction to reduce your carbon footprint.

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The Winter Watering schedule has been in effect since Nov. 1. Landscape watering has been reduced to one day per week depending on your address. Even numbered addresses can water on Saturdays only; odd numbered addresses on Sundays. Don’t forget to switch your automatic sprinklers if you have not already done so.