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Anns Fish and Chips temporarily closing
Turlock restaurant is hunting for new location
Anns Fish and Chips 2
Anns Fish and Chips, currently located on E. Main Street, is searching for a new restaurant space. The eatery will close the downtown location after July 4.

After two years at their downtown Turlock location, Ann’s Fish and Chips is hunting for a new location in Turlock.

A rise in the rent was the impetus behind the family owned business’s decision to change venues said owner Teresa Donnelly.

“We want to keep our costs low so that we don’t have to raise the price of the fish,” she explained.

With a loyal following, many patrons have been inquiring about the restaurant’s new location, but without a place lined up for the store Donnelly said she is unsure where the next Ann’s will stand.

“We definitely want to remain in Turlock,” said Donnelly.

July 4 will be Ann’s Fish and Chips final day downtown and the business plans to post their new location on their Facebook page as well as advertise once a new location is found. With plans to be about half the size of its current location, keeping their reliable client base and maintaining the family owned feeling is important to the owners. Gift certificates will remain valid upon the opening of the new location, though the owners anticipate a layover period of several weeks before they re-open.

Locals can still dine at Ann’s Fish and Chips, which is currently located at 428 East Main Street, until July 4. The restaurant is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.