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Area CHP officers lauded for live-saving efforts
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The California Attorney General’s Office awarded two area California Highway Patrol officers with certificates of commendation for their roles in saving a woman’s life.

Modesto Area CHP Officers Aaron Keller and Cynthia White received the Attorney General’s Certificate of Commendation for Superior Effort at a ceremony on Thursday.

On April 1, a distraught individual walked onto the Carpenter Road Bridge in Modesto, with the intent of jumping from the bridge into the Tuolumne River, lying 60 feet below.  Officers Keller and White arrived on scene and utilized their training and experience to engage the woman in calming conversation.  The two officers were able to divert her attention long enough for them to intervene and remove her safely from danger. 

“Officers White and Keller demonstrated exceptional courage and decisiveness, which ultimately saved the subject from serious injury or death,” said CHP spokesperson Eric Parsons. “This wonderful example of service is indicative of the character and work ethic displayed on a daily basis by officers of the California Highway Patrol.”