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Award-winning company turns out delicious products
Bill Irwin, a wrap room operator at Super Store Industry’s Turlock Dairy Division, pulls ice cream off of the production line. Thursday was the first day that the plant produced it’s new flavor, Double Delight, in honor of Raley’s Supermarket’s 75th anniversary. - photo by ANDREA GOODWIN / The Journal
Most Central Valley residents are familiar with Sunnyside Farms brand ice cream or yogurt, but few realize that the products are produced right here in Turlock. Super Store Industries, the producers of Sunnyside Farms products, has received numerous awards for its Dairy Division in Turlock.
The Turlock plant recently won the Wayne Gingrich Award for plant quality excellence. The award recognizes Super Store Industries Turlock as the best production plant, awarded by Quality Chekd, an international co-op of independent dairy processors.
The Super Store Industries’ Turlock Dairy Division has been producing ice cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and other cultured dairy products since 1983. At the time they were called Mid Valley Dairy Turlock. Since then the plant has grown, and they now produce dairy products and juices for the Sunnyside Farms brand. They also package juice for Minute Maid, sour cream for Taco Bell, and other juice and dairy products for a variety of companies and brands.
On Thursday, the plant started production of its newest product, an ice cream for Raley’s 75th anniversary. The supermarket chain co-owns the Turlock facility, along with Savemart. In honor of Raley’s milestone anniversary, Super Store Industries unveiled Double Delight, a half-chocolate-half vanilla “super-premium” ice cream.
“We produce about 4.9 million cases of ice cream a year. About 320,000 cases are for Raley’s. We’re going to make 8,000 cases of the 75th anniversary ice cream,” said Greg McMullen, Ice cream manager for the Turlock Dairy Division.
Representatives from Raley’s took a behind-the-scenes tour of the plant on Tuesday, and they got the first taste of the new product.
“It’s just excellent, very creamy, and rich. You can tell that they have extracted a lot of the air,” said Deborah Conde, store supervisor in Nevada.
Producing and packing all of that ice cream takes a lot of man power. The Turlock Dairy Division employs over 200 people, according to a recent article by Dairy Field Reports.
“Most of the work force is from our area — Turlock, Hughson, Hilmar and the surrounding towns,” McMullen said.
Super Store Industries gets most of its milk from Dairy Farmers of America dairies within a 90 mile radius. Milk that comes from Turlock is turned into ice cream, yogurt, and other products, then sold on shelves in Turlock supermarkets. It’s possible that some ice cream never leaves town, from cow to kitchen.
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