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Barre Defined redefines the fitness experience
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Stacy Aguilar and Amy Radcliffe opened up Barre Defined fitness studio as a way to provide new, exciting workouts to the Turlock community. - photo by Photo Contributed

Type of business: Fitness studio


Hours: Scheduled classes


Location: 2241 Geer Road


Contact information: 209-250-2806


Specialty: Barre workouts


History of business:


Amy Radcliffe and Stacy Aguilar thought Turlock could use a new way to workout, inspiring the pair to open Barre Defined. The fitness studio offers classes centered around barre classes, providing a low-impact, challenging total body workout.

Barre is named after the wall-mounted barre (bar) that is used during the workout, combining resistance and body weight training to sculpt muscle and burn fat. Barre classes are based on the principles of pilates, yoga and strength training, and workouts focus on strength, balance and flexibility. During a workout, each muscle group is trained individually with stretching in between.

“You’re going to work your muscles to exhaustion, and then we follow it up with that therapeutic stretch,” said Radcliffe.

With time and consistency, barre classes result in firmer, stronger muscles and noticeable physique changes – rounder glutes, flatter abs, sculpted arms and longer, leaner thighs. The results, said Radcliffe, are noticeably different from other workouts such as strength training.

“The workout itself is different and your muscles look different if you stay consistent with it,” said Radcliffe. “You get that longer, leaner muscle like a dancer’s body.”

Radcliffe stated that although barre workouts are tough, there are no age or fitness level requirements. Class instructors are trained to offer modifications to workouts for any fitness level.

“It’s functional fitness, so anyone can do it,” said Radcliffe. “We have sorority girls that come in as well as women in their 60s and 70s.”

Barre workouts can produce a number of benefits, including improved posture, injury rehabilitation and improved athletic performance. The style of exercise is also safe for pregnant women. Despite the physical advantages, Radcliffe explained that the most substantial changes begin on the inside for most.

“It’s not about getting that bikini body, it’s about translating the workout into your everyday life so that you’re healthier all around,” said Radcliffe. “It’s not about the weight on the scale, but about the mind and the body and transferring that into your everyday life.”

Barre Defined offers weekly classes for all levels of fitness. To reserve your spot in a class, visit