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Behind the scenes at Turlock Pentecost cioppino feed
crabfeed 1
Martin Cunha, Nick Antrim, current Turlock Pentecost Association President Michael Silva and Manuel Drumonde Jr. pause after preparing thousands of pounds of crab, shrimp and clams for the annual cioppino feed.

It is crab feed season and the Turlock Pentecost Association did not fail to impress their guests at the organization's annual cioppino and crab feed last Saturday. With attendance topping 2,000 and tickets sold out five days in advance, the annual event’s reputation precedes itself.

“The tickets sell themselves,” said Nick Antrim, member of the Turlock Pentecost Association and organizer for the event.

Head chef Frank Zorra has come from Watsonville every year for the past 30 years to add his signature touch to the event, which features thousands of pounds of seafood. With endless salad, bread, wine and the anticipated crab, shrimp and clam cioppino, the annual event draws community members from all over the area.

“This chef is from Watsonville and Turlock seems to use from 2.6 to 2.7 pounds per person. He says it’s the only cioppino event that eats as much as we do,” said Marin Cunha, former president of the Turlock Pentecost Association.  

Hundreds of members of the association volunteered their time to prepare the food and coordinate serving the thousands of guests and the proceeds of the event are reintegrated back into the association.