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Brett Nichols still a thriller
Pitman student performs popular routine in SF
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Brett Nichols dons his Michael Jackson gear as he prepares to perform his Billy Jean dance routine at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco last week.

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Not even two months after his stellar performance of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” at the Pitman High School talent show went viral on YouTube, garnering more than 16 million views to date, and Brett Nichols is joining the ranks of national tribute performers.

Having arrived on the West Coast after a taping for “The View” Nichols made his way to San Francisco to perform his iconic Jackson dance moves with Who’s Bad – the Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band.  After members of the band discovered Nichol’s smooth moves through the viral video, their San Francisco-based manager arranged for Nichols to participate in the band’s performance Friday at the Regency Ballroom.

“It’s been hectic. I can barely keep up with all of it,” said Nichols. “After countless interviews at this point… I’m here with the most acclaimed tribute band and that’s pretty exciting. I mean where was I two months ago?”

Two months ago Nichols was more familiar with the gym of Pitman High School than the hot lights on stage as he prepared to showcase his talent and passion for Michael Jackson before his peers for the first time since an elementary school talent show. Not realizing his dance would generate so much attention, Nichols is forfeiting the much coveted high school summer break for scheduled appearances, performances and even a trip to Las Vegas to watch the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil courtesy of the Jackson family. Nichols’ San Francisco performance provided him the opportunity to not only keep his performance skills fresh, but to also perform in front of a diverse crowd of fans with one thing in common: A passion for Michael Jackson. 

“We see a lot of people on YouTube,” said Ray McCall, member of Who’s Bad.

So what stuck out about Nichols?

 “It was his frame, the way he moves, things like that. It is by far one of the most superb moon walking and just moving like Michael we’ve seen. It’s incredible. We had to have Brett here tonight.”

Nichols willingly complied and enjoyed the opportunity to not only meet fellow tribute performers but to celebrate the ‘King of Pop’ with fellow fans in an upbeat way.

“I’m just really happy that I’ve gotten such really good publicity compared to other things that you see. It’s just generated such positivity,” said Nichols.