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Candy Cane Lane bright as ever, despite foreclosure
candy cane lane pic
Linda and Larry Bosquet decorate a foreclosed home on Turlock's Candy Cane Lane.

Near Michael Way, decking the halls and trimming the trees isn't an option – even for foreclosed homes. Decorating for Christmas is a way of life on Turlock's Candy Cane Lane dating back as far as any residents can remember.

“This is Christmas here,” said Larry Bosquet, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years.

Shortly after purchasing that home a neighbor stopped by, a string of Christmas lights in hand to help Larry Bosquet and his wife Linda Bosquet get started with their holiday display. It's that nature of camaraderie that drives Candy Cane Lane through the years – and the recent financial crisis.

A large house at the corner of Michael Way and Deanna Court was taken in foreclosure earlier this year, and now sits vacant awaiting a new buyer. Unwilling to leave a dark spot, the neighborhood banded together to decorate the empty home for Christmas.

“We wanted to brighten it up,” Larry Bosquet said. “Make it look like part of the neighborhood.”

With the permission of the realtor, the Bosquets and neighbors Fernando Diaz and Manuel Venegas decorated the home on Monday afternoon, covering every inch in lights. Even the for sale sign was spruced up with a few strands.

The decorations were all donated by people in the neighborhood – spares from years gone by. But even hand-me-downs were enough to transform the home into a bona fide part of the neighborhood.

Now, as the neighborhood prepares to welcome visitors from around the county to enjoy the Christmas lights, all can enjoy the non-stop holiday décor – especially the young-at-heart.

“It's for the kids,” Linda Bosquet said.

“Even the grown-up kids,” Larry Bosquet said.

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