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Centennial celebration
100 years
Paramount Court resident Haruko Hari Miyoda and her daughter Linda Masuda celebrate Hari's 100th birthday with a cake a party on Tuesday. - photo by CANDY PADILLA/The Journal

Paramount Court resident Haruko “Hari” Miyoda and her daughter Linda Masuda celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday.  Miyoda was born in Aptos, California June 27, 1917.  She grew up mainly in the Los Angeles area and has a total of four children (two who have passed away), two grandchildren and one great-grand child. When asked what her secret to long life is Miyoda stated, "well I have no secret," but her daughter said it could be due to being too ornery.  Paramount Court staff said they believe Hari's secret is the fact that she has a cup of hot chocolate every day no matter what the temperature is and always has a smile on her face.