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Chilly treat for hot summer days
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Name of business: Heaven Snow

Type of business: Shaved ice stand

Location: 2600 Geer Rd., in the Sweet River Grill and Bar parking lot; also in Ceres, at 2000 Central Ave.

Hours of operation: 11:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily. Open seasonally — April/May through September/October

Contact info: 872-8881

History of business: Heaven Snow has long been a member of the Ceres business community, operating as a shaved ice stand there for 17 years.

Six years ago, Turlockers Violet and Hector Irasava purchased Heaven Snow, renovated the building to its now-signature pink and white theme, and added outdoor seating and music. The changes have drawn rave reviews, Violet Irasava said.

“Ever since we took over, it’s grown,” she said.

Heaven Snow expanded to the chain’s second location – and its first in Turlock – on July 1. The Turlock location’s offerings differ slightly from the Ceres menu; the coffee, smoothies, and milk shakes available in Ceres were not feasible in Heaven Snow’s smaller Turlock space.

Business specialty: Heaven Snow specializes in premium shaved ice with more than 50 flavors available, from tiger’s blood to green apple and coconut with real coconut on top. Flavors are available in both regular and sugar-free.

For kids, Violet Irasava recommends the kids cups, which feature cartoon characters and mix in gummy bears and worms with the shaved ice. Kids and adults alike can opt for ice cream in the bottom of their shaved ice, a cream drizzle on top, or can add chamoy, a sweet and spicy Mexican concoction of pickled fruit.

A shaved ice costs between $2.50 and $5.50 at Heaven Snow.