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Chiropractor focuses on health not symptoms
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Dr. Kym Lamarre opened up To Your Health, in 2000, specializing in chiropractic and personalized health care for the Turlock community. - photo by JAY BHATIA/ The Journal

Name of business: "To your Health!"

Type of business: Chiropractic Clinic

Location: 140 N Center Street

Hours of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 8:30 - 5pm

Contact info: (209) 632-3297


History of business:

Dr. Kym Lamarre’s interest in chiropractic care began on the sly. In her younger days she would have to sneak off to see a chiropractor because her family was apprehensive of natural medicine. She says that the time and detailed attention given by those chiropractors who she visited, served as a large source of inspiration for her choosing chiropractic medicine as her career path.

"The more I experienced as a patient, the more I wanted to be a part of it,” Lamarre said.

In 2000, Lamarre began her practice, "To Your Health," in downtown Turlock with the idea of providing extensive and personalized healthcare to anyone who walked in through her door. Before opening her clinic in Turlock, she owned and operated a practice in Los Angeles, but her love for the outdoors eventually led her to the orchards of Turlock.

"I'm not a city girl," said Lamarre. "I wanted somewhere where there were trees and animals. Here, you get to witness the orchards and crops, and how they renew every day.”

After studying pre-med for her undergraduate degree, Lamarre went on to graduate from Los Angeles Chiropractic College.

Despite not using any sort of advertisement, or having raised fees in over 18 years, "To Your Health," has built a strong clientele in Turlock, with patients flocking in from all over the city looking for this unique style of care.

Lamarre claims that the loyalty of her patients is based off her personal philosophy for caring about the entire patient and "not just the body part that is sick."

Business specialty:

"To Your Health" specializes in three different types of healthcare methods: Activator method, in which a device is used  for manual manipulation of the spine and extremity joints; Applied kinesiology, that uses muscular and skeletal response to recognize patient ailments and contact reflex analysis, which focuses on understanding the biochemistry of the body in order to treat patient illnesses. Along with physical diagnoses, Dr. Lamarre aids in balancing life stress, nutrition, and well-being in order to optimize her patients’ quality of life.