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Community invited to baby animal shower
The Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center is inviting the public to come enjoy a day at the center and learn about what the staff does to care for animals. - photo by Journal file photo

All babies need tender loving care to survive and thrive in life, including native wildlife like barn owls, ravens, red foxes and red-tailed hawks. Often, orphaned or injured baby animals' only chance of survival is the Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center.

In 2012, the Wildlife Center cared for 1,347 baby animals and 34 eggs. The community is invited to help in the care of these young animals through the Center's annual Baby Animal Shower event on May 17.

The Wildlife Care Center will open its doors to the public for the Baby Shower, with a variety of games and crafts planned for kids of all ages. The Center's resident animals will also make appearances throughout the day, starting with "Curley" the barn owl and "Poe" the common crow at 10:30 a.m. The Center's most popular resident, "Titus" the great-horned owl, will be also be on hand, inspiring awe with his impressive wing-span.

"The kids really like the owls, and the hawk we have...  The most popular is our great-horned owl "Titus." He's just so big and wonderful," said Animal Care Coordinator Anna Powers.

Just like any other baby shower, the Wildlife Center is hoping guests will bring gifts to shower on the baby animals. The Center is in need of paper towels, toilet paper (for bird nests), postage stamps, printer paper, bleach, Playtex dish washing gloves (med to XL), baby travel playpens and new heating pads.

The items needed most, however, are Dawn dishwashing soap and baby receiving blankets, said Powers.

"If an oiled bird comes in, we wash them with the Dawn soap and if any mammals come in with fleas it washes them without harsh chemicals," she said. "The receiving blankets are incredibly useful and easy to wash."

The Wildlife Center is also in need of monetary donations and volunteers.

"We encourage people to come out and volunteer. Sometimes people come out to the baby shower and it piques their interest. We need a lot volunteers in the spring and summer," said Powers.

The Baby Animals Shower will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 17 at the Wildlife Center, 1220 Geer Rd., Hughson, in the Fox Grove Regional Park.

For more information about the Baby Animal Shower, or the Wildlife Center, call 883-9414.