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Community prayer event on tap next weekend
Pray Turlock 2023

Local Christian pastors will once again be coming together to lead community members in prayer for the fourth annual Pray Turlock event on Oct. 21. The event, which is a collaboration between Calvary Chapel Turlock, Monte Vista Chapel, Harvest Church, Blessed Hope Assyrian Church and Enclave Community Church, aims to unify community members to pray for guidance and the wellbeing of society.

“We're facing so many issues today that are very troublesome. As Americans, we really don't know the direction that we're going,” said Calvary Chapel Turlock Pastor Rob Monroe. “People don't know what's right and wrong anymore. People are really having a difficult time understanding the direction of our nation and understanding what is good and what is evil. I want the churches to come together and to be unified and to have a heart of prayer. We want to build a foundation for the community of Christians in Turlock to pray and then pursue all of our good works.”

Monroe also believes that the event serves as an opportunity for folks to unite despite their slight differences in the way they worship.

“Talking to other pastors and other leaders, we all agree that there is a need for Christians to be ultimately unified,” Monroe said. “Yes, we go to different churches, but we need to be unified in the same spirit of the same mind and for the same purpose. Different churches all have their different traditions. They each have different ways of doing things and a different style of worship music, but ultimately, we all need to be unified. I think pastors recognize that we need to be excited and enthusiastic about coming together and uniting for our nation and for our state and for our community.”

The worship will be led by Harvest Church. They will be accompanied by a choir. Worship teams from other churches will also be on hand. Also scheduled to speak at the event will be Congressman Tom McClintock (CA-5), who Monroe described as a longtime supporter of religious freedom.

Pray Turlock will be taking place in front of Calvary Chapel Turlock at 147 S. Broadway directly across from City Hall from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, refreshments and warm clothing in case of chilly weather.

“Our Christian faith is not something contained to a building alone, or just within our own local church. Our Christianity and our worship really needs to be on display always because it's who we are,” added Monroe. “When you come together in an outside event like this, it really sort of enforces the idea that we are part of a much greater Christian community and have a lot in common. We want to come together and find our common ground in our shared concern and love for this nation.”