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Haley hangs out in La Push Beach, the place in “Twilight” where Bella first hears the story of the “cold ones” from her friend Jacob. - photo by Photo Contributed
Turlock tween Haley Brock is one of the many young readers across the country who have fallen in love with the story of Edward and Bella as told in Stephenie Meyer’s best-seller, “Twilight.” When the movie version of the book came out, Haley’s fascination with the vampire love story grew. So it was no surprise that when her family took a recent 10-day trip to Oregon, Haley’s first thought was how close they were to the northwest town “Twilight” was based on — and partially filmed in — Forks, Wash.
“I loved the movie so much I kept asking my mom, ‘Can we go to Forks? Can we go to Forks?’” Haley said.
Haley’s mom, Dede Brock, finally said yes and the family took a five-hour detour from their Oregon vacation to visit the fictional home of Bella Swan and the Cullen family in the real Forks, Wash.
“It was neat to be where the movie was shot,” Haley said.