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Conservation Corner
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In 2016, the average residential water use was approximately 117 gallons per person per day! What can we do to reduce that number? While the main use of water at a residence is outside landscape watering, in this article you will find ideas to reduce water use inside the home.

*Capture the water from the shower while waiting for the water to warm up, use it to water indoor or outdoor potted plants.

* Use the dishwasher and clothes washer for full loads only.

* Use one glass all day, it will mean less dishes to wash.

* Avoid pre-rinsing dishes by scraping your plate into the garbage.

* Avoid using the garbage disposal

* Don’t use the toilet as a waste basket.

* Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators.

* Replace older, less efficient appliances with new WaterSense labeled products (contact the City of Turlock for rebate opportunities!).



 Water Conservation Tip #86


Only fill the bathtub about 1/3 full for an adult and much less for bathing babies, small children and pets. Close the drain before running water. The initial burst of cold water will be warmed by adding hot water later. Check for and repair leaks in the tub diverter