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CONSERVATION CORNER: The City of Turlocks current and planned water conservation efforts and progra
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• A Water Conservation Task Force Committee has recently been established to focus efforts on water conservation strategies through operational efficiency improvements and by enhancing public education and outreach.
• The City operates a tertiary wastewater treatment facility that allows for the unrestricted reuse of the City's wastewater. Currently, the City provides up to two million gallons per day of recycled water to the Turlock Irrigation District for cooling purposes at the Walnut Energy Center.
• Pedretti Sports Complex is irrigated with recycled water.
• Summerfaire Park is irrigated with storm water.
• The Northeast area of the city, Donnelly Park and Turlock Regional Sports Complex are irrigated with non-potable water from shallow wells to preserve drinking water.
• Nuisance water is filtered and reused for irrigation at city storm drain basins.
• The city has implemented a state of the art automatic meter reading system that provides up to the minute meter readings and possible leak detection to aid in water conservation and reduce water wasting.
• A recent water survey of all Fire Stations in Turlock resulted in 12 low-flow aerator and 6 low-flow showerhead installations. Further, Turlock Fire Department is evaluating ways to be more efficient with water usage at all four stations.
• The city offers a free residential water survey. A Water Conservation Representative will tour your property to identify leaks and water-saving opportunities. Participants can receive water-saving equipment and information including low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators and other free items. To date, the City has conducted 48 water surveys for residents throughout the City.
• The city offers new High-Efficiency Toilet and Clothes Washer Rebates for the purchase of high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers. Rebates are available for up to $75 per toilet and $100 per clothes washer. Since the program began in 2012, the City has provided 27 clothes washer rebates and 61 toilet rebates to utility customers.
• The City of Turlock offers free assistance with automatic sprinkler timer set-up for residents.
• The City of Turlock website is undergoing significant additions that will provide tools and resources for residents to utilize (with regard to water conservation efforts) in the near future.
• An abundance of educational material is available through the city by either calling (209) 668-5590 to request directly from the department, disseminated through outreach activities or online at

Water Conservation Tip #3
Practical Turf Areas: Grass should be grown only in areas where it provides functional benefit. Substitute less water-demanding materials, such as ground covers, water efficiency plants or mulches. Porous materials such as rock or wood and concrete pathways or patio areas can be added to decrease water use while enhancing your yard, and landscape areas.
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