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Cosmic Bath and Beauty creates home for all-natural products
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Cosmic Bath and Beauty provides super-natural bath, body and makeup goods that are toxin-free and handmade. - photo by Photo Contributed

Type of business: Bath and beauty product company


Location: Sold in Vintage Market and I Am Yoga;


Contact information: 209-277-7505


Specialty: Toxin-free bath and beauty products


History of business:


Turlock resident Michelle Adams wanted honest, natural and safe products for her family and friends to use, so she took matters into her own hands — literally. As owner of Cosmic Bath and Beauty, Adams creates unique, toxin-free cosmetics and body care goods from scratch so that her customers know exactly what ingredients they are using in their everyday lives.

Adams describes Cosmic Bath and Beauty’s products, which range from soap and lip balms to an entire line of mineral makeup, as “super-natural,” meaning they are free of fragrance oils, parabens and other chemicals.

“It’s an honest kind of natural,” said Adams. “Our body wants to balance itself if we give it the best ingredients.”

Chemicals often found in brand name soaps or other products that claim to be organic can be detrimental to the body’s health, disrupting hormones and putting the user’s well-being at risk. Though oftentimes these chemicals are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, accepted amounts in multiple products used over a long period of time can add up, Adams said.

“I had the realization that even though a little amount may not be harmful, that small amount compounded over the entire day with different products it’s in is too much and probably dangerous,” said Adams. “If we can keep ourselves healthy by eating well and through self-care…that’s how we have a really rich life.”

In an effort to achieve that rich life, Adams launched Cosmic Bath and Beauty in 2010 and now sells her products’ whole line in Vintage Market, 210 E. Main St. and select items at I Am Yoga Wellness Studio, 2031 Geer Road. She also recently launched a private endeavor with Farm House, 311 E. Main St., providing a natural bath and body line that incorporates milk from one of the shop’s vendors who owns a goat dairy.

“It’s great. I love having different relationships with different stores,” said Adams.

Adams creates each product in small batches at her home-based studio in order to keep the products fresh. She learned how to create Cosmic Bath and Beauty’s products on her own from researching techniques through books checked out at the library and taking classes online and in the Bay Area. In order to create her mineral makeup line, Adams studied different minerals and formed her own bases, discovering what each mineral brought to different makeup products.

“I’ve always been a maker; I love making stuff,” said Adams. “When I make things, I’m really intentional about it. I get to put my best into every single batch.”