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Couple proves there is no age limit on love
Don and Ginger2
Donald Jackson and Ginger True are introduced as husband and wife by son of the bride and officiating minister Eric True at the couple's wedding, celebrated with family and friends on Monday at Covenant Village. - photo by CANDY PADILLA / The Journal

Donald Jackson and Ginger True can pinpoint the exact moment that they met at Covenant Village of Turlock. Only a week after Jackson had moved into the retirement community, he was walking through the dining room when everything changed. 

“This young lady was standing there at a table with an empty chair and asked if I would like to have dinner with her,” Jackson said. “So we ate dinner together and two and a half hours later we realized we were the only ones left in the dining room.”

At 85 and 78 respectively, Jackson and True refer to their courtship as a “no-brainer” since they enjoyed the same things and had the same values.  True largely credits the success of their relationship to their shared faith in Christianity.

Over the course of eight months, the couple went to concerts at the Gallo Center of the Arts and the Turlock Community Theatre, as well as embarked on day trips. One month ago, Jackson finally decided to get down on one knee to propose to True.

 “A lot of people ask us why we have only dated for such a short time,” said True. “One thing I would say to them is that we didn’t need to spend a long time getting to know each other because we felt like we already did.”

The couple officially tied the knot in front of their friends, neighbors, and family at Covenant Village on Monday. Eric True, the son of the bride and an ordained minister, performed the ceremony in front of approximately 300 guests.

“I want everyone to see just how happy we are and how much we love each other. I want to give them a little vision of the happiness that we found,” said True. “Not because we are acting proud of it, but because we want to share this beautiful moment with them.”

The couple wrote their own vows, as well as recited the ones provided to them at the outdoor ceremony.  

When it comes to advice, the groom had a few wise words to offer those who might still be looking for love.  With just one look at his new bride, Jackson knew exactly what to say.

“It seems to me that age is a fact of years, but it is also a state of mind,” said Jackson. “Don’t rule out the opportunity to experience new things and experience new love.”