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Creative primping for pooches at Lisas Pet Styles
Lisas Pet Styles
Layla Bear showcases her purple main with groomers Andrea Delguidice, Rebecca Stacey, Brooke Soares who is holding Emmie, and Manager Rachel Kenney at Lisas Pet Styles.

Name of Business: Lisa’s Pet Styles

Type of Business: Dog grooming salon

Location: 420 East Olive Avenue

Hours: Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or until end of appointment

Contact Information: 664-1424

History of Business: Each of the groomers at Lisa’s Pet Styles have three of their own dogs, which is probably why these pet lovers enjoy taking dog grooming to a  whole new level.

From dying dog hair bright pink to airbrushing and stenciling shapes onto their fur, Lisa’s Pet Styles is a creative and artistic dog salon. Handmade bows, jewels, earrings, bandanas, hair extensions, and more can be added to pooches but just because the groomers make primping the pups fun, there is also a serious devotion to dog grooming at the shop.

 “We have all types of dogs come through the doors from the farm dog that gets a bath once a year to some with weekly appointments,” said Manager Rachel Kenney. “We’ve got a huge spectrum of clients.”

While not all clients will be dying their dogs’ fur exotic colors, there is one principle that governs dog care at Lisa’s: taking the safest and kindest approach to grooming.

Each session includes basic cleaning services like ear cleanings, face wash, and toe nails clippings and all of the dogs are blown dry by hand. Opposed to cage drying which includes putting the pet in a cage with a dryer that blows hot air inside, the groomers want the comfort of the dog to be first and foremost which means they don’t use muzzles either.

With more than 30 appointments each day, many of the groomers have kept the same clientele for years.

“It’s just like a hair dresser. You want to find the one that fits best for you,” said Kenney. “The dogs feed off the energy of the person around them and you want them to have a good fit.

Lisa’s Pet Styles has two other locations including one at 1100 East Avenue in Turlock and one at 239 E. Street in Waterford.

Business Specialty: Safe and healthy dog care.